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Here are some stories of patients that we have helped return to their very best.


“I have seen Jared several time for different injuries/issues. Jared was able to help with me with my injuries every time, either by doing small exercises, dry needling, or other therapeutic techniques. He is extremely knowledgable, and, in my opinion, one of the bet in his profession, but most importantly, he cares about his patients. He is a genuine person and extremely easy to talk to and listens to you. When dealing with injuries, it is so important to have a medical professional listen to you instead of talking over you and trying to guess at what your problem is. Jared takes pride in his work, but more importantly, he puts his patients' needs first. I would recommends Jared for all of your physical therapy needs.”​


“I experience chronic TMJ pain for two years, and decided to schedule an appointment with Jared. It was extremely convenient to work with Jared, as we were able to meet a time and location that fit my needs. Jared is personable, caring, and wants what is best for his patients. In one hour, he was able to teach me a few techniques to help my TMJ pain, and I noticed a drastic improvement within the week. Also, my Home Exercise Program was sent to me the same day of my appointment, so I am not reliant on attending several physical therapy appointments throughout the week. I highly recommend Jared Roge's services."


“I have known Jared Roge for several years now and I never believed I would need his service. I hurt my back at home trying to get a large mower unstuck and pulled something in my lower back. I could not straighten my back due to the excruciating pain. I emailed him during the weekend and he told me to come see him Monday but was willing to come help me that weekend, but I told him I'd see him at his office. After 30 minutes I could straighten my back and walk semi upright. I had three more visits with him and after his instruction on stretching and exercises I have not needed him again for back problems. I have had shoulder issues in which he has helped me tremendously. If you are looking for someone that will give you an honest assessment of an ailment or problem you have, Jared is your go to person above all. I highly recommend Jared and he will tell you up front if he can help you or not. ”

Cliff Hiking
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